A team of experienced installation technicians

Our installation team is composed of 120 experienced workers who install our products on all Groupe Lessard projects. Our site workers are all permanent employees, ensuring consistency in the quality of the work performed and, especially, in the health and safety of the workers.

Our team of installation technicians is deployed mainly in the Montreal (QC) and Ottawa (ON) regions, where the majority of our projects are located. The organizational structure of this large team ensures that work is done efficiently and that project deadlines are met. Each project has a permanent site foreman who is supported by team leaders. Together, they ensure quality control, planning, coordination of the work to be done and, above all, everyone’s safety. Each region is headed by a site supervisor. These supervisors are supported by the installation manager, who supports and guides the entire team.

For peace of mind

Groupe Lessard offers all the necessary professional services for the installation, repair and maintenance of all its products. You are therefore assured of getting support at all times. From a simple door to the complete renovation of a building envelope, working with Groupe Lessard guarantees peace of mind.

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