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State-of-the-art technology

Our technical team is composed of some forty collaborators, such as designers, engineers, coordinators, workshop managers and directors. They define and specify the design and production of all Groupe Lessard systems for every project we carry out.

Each project is handled by a project manager partnered with a technical coordinator. Together, they ensure the proper technical start-up of the project, the follow-up of deadlines, the preparation of shop drawings as well as the manufacturing and installation of products.

There are many steps along the way. The design of the project and the realization of the shop drawings is meticulously coordinated by the group of draftsmen, alongside the client and the project professionals. Throughout this process, our engineers make sure that the products meet our quality standards and the project requirements.

From there, the production group takes over the preparation of the fabrication drawings, ensuring that all the details are finalized to produce a complete, quality product. Once the product is manufactured and ready for installation, our technical managers provide support to the site team and ensure a seamless installation.

Our team is backed by many years of experience and relies on a multitude of state-of-the-art technical tools and libraries that are kept up to date with industry standards.

All members of the design and production team are committed to the success of each project and work closely with our clients to achieve this.

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