85WW Series Window Wall

Window wall system incorporating all the components of the 8500 Series but with a floating header that allows the installation of the system from slab-to-slab, in a balcony position, capable to taking deflections.

Unitized architectural product made from extruded aluminium of 6063-T6/T54 minimum alloy with polyamide thermal break. Assembled by rolling and crimping with a shear test of minimum 400 kg. Usually used at the slab-to-slab balcony area.

This product is designed as per rain screen principle, with a pressure equalization chamber to prevent water infiltration.

  • Window wall allowing the installation of double or triple sealed units
  • Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) options: 25mm (1”), 32mm (1 ¼”) and 38mm (1 ½”).
  • Specification of the glass or a spandrel panel at the professional’s choice

All sealed units are installed from the inside with a mechanical snap-in air barrier and water barrier moulding.

The entire series of LESSARD® leaves and doors can be integrated into this product without sub-assembly.

Each unitized frame is connected to the others without a sealant. Air and water tightness is ensured by dry EPDM or silicone gaskets depending on their exposure.

Technical performance

Primary product designation :

SP (Special Productl)

Air infiltration/exfiltration :

A3: Maximum 1,5 l/s-m2 @ 300 Pa

In accordance with AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/i.S.2/A-440-11, A-440S1-17, ASTM-E283

Water resistance test :

No water infiltration at 730 Pa

In accordance with AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/i.S.2/A-440-11 (9.3.3), ASTM-E547, ASTM-E331

Uniform load deflexion :

Deflexion limited to L/175 at the pressure determined by the current code

In accordance with AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/i.S.2/A-440-11 (9.3.4), ASTM-E330-02

U-value in accordance with NFRC 100.

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